Fusion Initiatives is founded on an ethos of changing lives.

We work with businesses, charities and academic institutions to provide leadership and development, high performance coaching and team building with a focus on corporate social responsibility. Fusion believes that strong communities are the foundation of a better world. This is the principle that underpins everything we do.

Team building and development, employee engagement and leadership development with a focus on social impact

Coaching for individuals and teams in high-performance strategies and behaviours which can be universally applied to business practices

Fusion is based on the following 3 pillars

High level planning and communication skills are honed to develop a robust solution. Pre-conceptions will be tested and boundaries pushed in order to develop skills and maximise potential.

Allocate key roles and resources, communicate your plan and lead your team dynamically. A dedicated Fusion project manager will support from concept to conclusion.

The project is delivered to the chosen local charity, adapting to and overcoming the dynamic environment. Facilitate a handover to the charity and celebrate your success as a stronger team.


To use our unique, combined lived experience to position as the premier company in the provision of team enhancement, connection and engagement through projects that deliver lasting social impact to communities in need. Acting as a force for change by facilitating corporate investment in people, community and business.



  • Our knowledge is based on lived experience
  • We are always learning; each experience teaches us more than the last and builds our expertise
  • We work with the right people; everyone adds their own experience and their own learning. Our people are our expertise


  • We are acting as a force for change
  • Working towards something greater than ourselves gives us a purpose; business without purpose has no direction
  • We share what we have; our skills, our experience, our time


  • Our vision and our culture are clear and they guide all that we do
  • We are accountable for our actions; as a B Corp accredited company we are completely transparent in what we do and take responsibility for leading change
  • We develop trust; Fusion is a safe place to work, people are encouraged to be themselves and bring their best to the table


  • Our vision and our purpose drive us to succeed in the face of adversity
  • We want to excel; by stepping out of our comfort zone and learning from our mistakes we challenge ourselves to keep moving forward and develop resilience
  • Challenge breeds respect; by avoiding the easy choices and facing difficulties head on we show our strength of character and lead by example

what our clients say about us


“This is doing something different, the team love it, it is outside their comfort zone, we actually see what we are doing in terms of a deliverable, I can’t wait to come on the next one with the team”

Paul Jordan
Senior Global Operations Director

“If I was going to describe today in three words then I would say it is about “Teamwork, (having) fun, and (great) outcomes.”

Matt Franklin
Roc Technologies

“We connected with the Fusion Group and asked them to help us facilitate a project in our community to give something powerful to the best of our abilities.”

Trystan Morgan Schauer

“We took this as an opportunity to reflect on how much as a team we can transform and change things, visible tangible things and transform ourselves.”

Matteo De Renzi

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